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Many of us have long enjoyed walking in the countryside. As a result, we each have our own happy memories of times spent in the 'great outdoors'.

Alas, memory isn't permanent. However much we may pretend otherwise, the passing of time dulls the mind and today's crisp memories become tomorrow's vague recollections.

I believe these memories are important. This is why I started the 'Outdoor Moments' page, to collect short written accounts (up to 300 words) from countryside-lovers and publish them to be enjoyed by all.

So, here they are - click on the title to see the writing which each moment inspired:

By the Dove on a crisp winter morning

Me and my happy Staffy on Howden Edge

Wastwater Revisited

The Great Outdoors

A Derbyshire Childhood

A Three Peaks Adventure

Abney Clough

A Walk in Three Shires

Want more?

As you can see, the collection is rather small at the moment, which is where you come in! I need contributions for this section from fellow lovers of the British countryside, so please:

If you want to take part, this page tells you what to do.

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