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The Peakwalking web site is designed to be accessible to all. It has been designed to meet the 'AAA' accessibility requirements of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), in so far as they apply to a site of this nature.

This page describes its navigation and the shortcuts available to make navigating easier for all users.


The site is split into a number of sections containing different information. Every page on the site has an identical series of links at the end of it which give access to the initial page of each section.

The sections

The site is divided into the following sections:

In addition, there are a homepage and a page giving visitors the chance to contact the site author with comments and suggestions.

All these sections, along with this accessibility page, can be accessed from links at the bottom of each page, which are in a consistent format for ease of navigation.

Accesskey Shortcuts

All the site's sections can also be accessed by an 'Access Key' shortcut. These are used in a variety of ways depending on your browser.

The page navigation AccessKeys are:

Other shortcuts are also available:

Text Size

The size of all the text on the site may be amended using your browser's 'text size' options.

Accessibility feedback

If you have any suggestions for improving the accessibility of the site, please visit the 'contact' page or press alt and 'c'.

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